Eyelash Physiology and Extensions

A photograph of a pair of false eyelashes with long lashes

I must  confess I do not read the Journal of the Royal Society Interface regularly, but luckily, the ECONOMIST devoted two thirds of a page to describing how eyelashes work. Eyelashes were last discussed in this blog on Oct 29, 2013, showing a dogged  persistence and perseveration about this skin appendage, which is often relegated solely  to the cosmetic domain.

The basic finding in the study is that the average length of the eye lashes is about one  third of the eye’s width in the 22 animal species studied. Seeing a constant mathematical relationship set the boffins to deriving mathematical and physical models to explain the basis for it.  Most believe that dust, and other physical matter gets stuck on the cilia, but there is a new  and deeper interpretation from these new studies. Eyelashes control the flow of air to and around the cornea so that the water in the corneal  film does not evaporate excessively. The ever-imaginative  authors built wind tunnels to test these functions and to derive differential equations to describe their results.  Question for those of us who don’t do advanced math: if eyelashes are longer and wider owing to drugs, or if  eyelash extenders  are applied, will this alter the physiological water balance between the tear film and the cornea? (When you charge eyelash extensions to your research grant funds, please have an excellent justification.


Amador, GJ Eyelids divert airflow to protect the eye  J Royal Soc Interface  DOI 10.1098/rsif.2014.1294   published 26 February 2015.

6 thoughts on “Eyelash Physiology and Extensions

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