Below are questions and answers related to the Research Techniques Made Simple article from the July 2013 issue of JID, entitled “North, South,or East? Blotting Techniques” by M.W. Nicholas, M.D., Ph.D.1 and Kelly Nelson, M.D.2

1University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Dermatology and 2Duke University Department of Dermatology.


Questions  (correct answer is underlined)


1.       The target molecule type for Southern blotting is:

A      RNA

B      DNA

C      Protein

D      Lipids


2.       Limitations of the western blot technique include all of the following except:

A      Low specificity

B      Loss of antibody epitope with denaturing

C      Less accurate determination of quantity

D      Higher cost compared to ELISA


3.       Which of the following techniques is most commonly employed in modern research?

A      Southern blot

B      Northern blot

C      Western blot

D      Eastern blot


4.       Place the following blotting steps in order:  (Answer: C,A,D,B)

A      Transfer to membrane

B      Detect probe

C      Separate via gel electrophoresis

D      Treat with probe

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