3 thoughts on “On the rarity of congenital psoriasis: Does the immune milieu of prenatal skin protect against psoriasis?

  1. Hi Lowell. Not only is it fun to read your postings, but this one on congenital psoriasis and the last on sand flies are quite close to me. My mother, Marguerite, was interested in psoriasis and one of the papers referenced is from her. From the early 1970s. She had 3 cases. Regarding the previous post, I worked with sand fly spit for some time and know the senior author. Solid scientist. While the data is what it is, context may also be important. They used mice, which are not a host for L. major. This particular parasite exists in the Old World. For sand flies, they used Lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz was the person for whom the genus is named and longipalpis means long tongue, but that’s another story.) This fly exists in the New World. The particular species of parasite and fly do not mix in the Real World. Perhaps interpreting the results can give one an ulcer, but not one infected with leishmania.


  2. Ethan
    Wonderful comments–I guess the old world and the new world might not be mixing. It is great having an expert comment.


  3. To me it is more interesting that there are ANY cases of congenital psoriasis. If we could intensely study such cases it might yield insights.


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